Hypnosis is a relaxed trance-like state of focused attention. You are probably in a trance-like state almost every day at some point, whether you don't remember the last 5 minutes of your drive, or if you are so caught up in reading that you didn't hear someone calling your name, that was a focused attention trance.

With hypnosis, I use relaxation and imagery to induce this state of focused attention then I offer suggestions to your subconscious that help you to achieve your goal. Hypnosis sessions are usually recorded so you can listen to it again at home. During the hypnosis trance, you are still in complete control and you cannot be made to do anything you are unwilling to do. 

Hypnotherapy can be used to target issues such as:

  • Learning to relax

  • Somatic symptoms

  • Creative expression

  • Procrastination management

  • Pain management

  • Anxiety management

  • Smoking cessation

  • Body shame reduction

  • Mindful eating

  • Improved sleep

  • Confidence boosting

  • Overcoming fears

 **Never listen to a hypnotherapy recording during activities that require your complete attention, such as driving.